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Sandra Dubničková: student
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Age: 19 years

Measurements: 90 - 60 to 89

Hobbies: Photo modeling, sports, cinema, travel, romantic evening walks, and I very much like dogs.

How to keep fit?
Plenty of sleep, lots of exercise and movement, healthy living, no cigarettes and alcohol only in moderation.

Experience photo modeling?
Some experience of those already have: o)

What do the men mainly notes and you know what to take?
Not hard to tell, especially around the eyes, hands, and his personal style.

You entered?
Yes I did :o)

How do you leave pampered favorite of a friend?
I love when I can relax after an exhausting day. If I can get a massage I am very happy :)

Sandra's dream?
To be successful, start a family and have a beautiful home.

Plans for the future?
There are always more and more gradually met. The biggest enemy now is the time.

Sandra Dubničková videos
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