Exclusive interview with Kim Lee

Exclusive interview with Kim Lee

MensBreak is proud to publish the first interview with Kim Lee: Hang over 2, Playboy, FHM...

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Kim Lee's interview

Believe it or not, when we contacted Kim Lee on her twitter account to kindly request if she would be OK for an interview, she just said yes.

Kim Lee is not only a very sexy women with a strong determination to succeed in everything she undertake, she is also a real sweetheart with a great personality.

We are very proud to start our new interview's section with her, and she is more than welcome to come back as soon as she will have some hot news in the toaster.

If you don't know much about Kim Lee, you will for sure be seduced after reading this exclusive interview for MensBreak and enjoying some great pictures of her!

Personal questions

MB - Where are you born, and what is the strongest souvenir you keep from your childhood?
I was born in Orange County, California. The strongest souvenir I kept from my childhood is probably my keyboard. I been playing the piano since I was 8 years old.

MB - How would you describe yourself in a few words? - What first brought you to your artistic life? Music, modelling or acting?
Funny, outgoing and humble. Growing up I used to look at magazines and I told myself I have to get myself out there so when I turned 17 I did a photo shoot and submitted for a magazine and ever since then it just took off from there.
I mean I had to do a lot of networking. It was not easy but i never gave up as I always believed in myself...
As far as Djing I have a music background so I picked it up quick.
Me and my DJ partner Kat Nova went to Scratch Academy in L.A and next thing you know it Apl De Ap from the Black Eyed Peas said he wants to manage us as Dj's.
As far as acting I got booked to be in The Hangover 2 movie and got to work with one of my favorite director Todd Philips.
It was something I didn't expect but after that experience I realized that acting is also something I'll take seriously.

MB - What do you enjoy the most at the moment? (Djing, modelling, acting or any other project)
I would say Djing because I love music and I like to entertain people and just making people happy. It's so much fun cause I'm doing something I love and of course the traveling part. I love traveling and learning about different cultures.

MB - What do you think of the last Oscar-winning movie "The Artist" and the last Oscar-winning actor Jean Dujardin?
I think " The Artist" is a great movie and Jean Dujardin is such a good actor. I've never seen a silent movie but this one is very impressive.

MB - Favorite watch brand?
My favorite watch brand is Rolex Presidential, I just bought a gold one and I love it! Its a classic watch.

MB - Favorite jewellery?
Favorite jewelry is the Cartier love bracelet and that is another classic piece.

MB - Favorite magazine?
My favorite magazine is V magazine

MB - Mac or PC?
I like mac cause that's what I'm using now

MB - Your favorite car?
My favorite car is Aston Martin.

MB - Have you ever been on a Motorbike? (If yes your feelings)
Yes, I've been on a motorbike it's fun but I wouldn't ride it everyday.

Questions about music

MB - Your favorite singer, band and your favorite DJ?
One of my favorite artist is Prince. He's very talented. He plays almost every instrument. He's definitely one of my idols.
My favorite DJ? There's way too many but lets say Fedde le Grand, Bingo Players, Diplo, Avicii and David Guetta are my favorite.

MB - Do you produce music, do you play any instrument(s)?
Yes, I play the piano and I have been playing since I was 8 years old.

MB - When did you first play in public?
I play by ear and I thank my mother for making me take lessons.
Eventually we will be producing our own music but in the mean time we got to prepare for our Asia tour for the summer.

MB - Did you ever play in Europe yet? (If yes where)
Not yet but we are definitely going there after Asia.

MB - Next DJ gig?
Vegas at Tao and then we're going to Macau.

Questions about modelling

MB - What do you enjoy the most in modelling, and what aspects you dislike?
Modeling has been so much fun, especially last year. I traveled to Singapore, Indonesia, Bali, Philippines just to shoot Covers for Maxim and FHM.
I even won #1 FHM SEXIEST WOMAN in ASIA. What I enjoy the most about it is the traveling part and getting to meet new people.
What I dislike? hmmm maybe the fact that you can't eat everything you want!
Haha, you always have to maintain a good diet and workout all the time to stay pretty ;P

MB - What was the craziest request you had for modelling? (if you ever had any)
Craziest? Well, probably Playboy which I'm sure a lot of girls been offered.

MB - Favourite magazine cover you are proud of?
My first Cover for FHM Singapore because I made that happen myself and I traveled across the whole country to made it happens.

Questions about acting

MB - What and when was your first acting role?
I did extra work when I was 18 for Fast and Furious movie.
I was so happy just to be on set! It was a fun experience then I booked a role called Yogi for Speed Dating movie starring my good friend Wesley Jonathan.

MB - 2011 was a pretty good year for you (Hangover II, Crime Scene Investigation), any big projects to reveal for 2012?
I'm actually working on a reality show but can't say much yet ;)

The Specials!

MB - Favourite destination you visited (during your free time)?
Bali, Inodonesia.

MB - Your favourite place/spot to have some quality time and relax?

MB - Your favourite city so far?

MB - How many languages do you speak?
English, Vietnamese and a little of French

MB - Are you a cat or dog person?

MB - What drives you crazy (in the positive way), something that will just turn you on?
Moscato haha :)

MB - Your favourite drink?
Coconut water

MB - Your favourite meal?

MB - Coffee or tea
Green tea

MB - You have two opportunities.

MB . First one is to spend one night on a beautiful yacht, on the Caribbean Sea, but with a man you already know he is not "your" type, not much to say.

MB . Second one is to spend one night, on the sand, without any "chi chi" but with a cool and “easy going” guy you might enjoy to have a chat with.
Which one do you go for?

Kim Lee - I would definitely go for the second one for sure. I love easy going men with a sense of humor. Nothing better then to be able to communicate with a nice guy that can make you laugh.

MB - I am sure you will drive a few guys crazy with such an answer Kim!

Thank you Kim Lee!

If you would like to follow Kim Lee here are some links to bookmark!
Twitter @officialkimlee and @djkimkat
Websites: Miss Kim Lee and DJ Kim Kat

Kim Lee's actuality:

- Kim Lee X FHM Thailand June 2012
- Kim Lee in Playboy USA for the March issue 2012, photography by Trevor Godinho.

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