How to get the number of a woman?

How to get the number of a woman?

When you stretch your laptop to the girl, and having finished typing its number, read the story aloud to check...

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Interview of Frank, an expert in seduction...

Now that you maintain a nice chat with a woman, as you mentioned, it is necessary to continue your discussion around a warm cappuccino, to learn more about your sweetheart.

For this, two solutions available to you.

Either you offer an on the spot, you tell him you want to take a quick cup of coffee, and it is welcome if it wants to support you, just to make this little coffee to no more than 10 minutes, while c ' is not true of course:). anyway, I would return to this subject in a future article on instant date (the quick appointment)

Or course, the classical solution, take his number, call and set an appointment with her.
But you know, a seducer who respects himself, does not take a number like the others, it has its own method, which I give you;)

Just before I begin, I warn you, we will use some of the very soft to maximize every opportunity to leave with his number, and avoid falling on the answering machine of the line anti relous ( and therefore your colleague kindly fuck your mouth the next morning at work)

But let me first tell you something ...
A phone number is, in fact, a number, a series of numbers.

Instead of focusing on the collection of numbers (often false) work your seduction.

Let us now take a small number of the most alluring that is.

A telephone number is not inevitable, I really prefer to discuss with a woman and get to know through the first few minutes of interaction, if it is not really interesting, I do not care to take the royal damn number, it's a waste of time.


I do not hide it ... Before, when I was in front of a spirited girl talk with her one, I do not even listen, and I will concentrate solely on one point: how to take his number.

When you are about to speak with a beautiful stranger, try to discover what it hides in it, looking to explore his true personality and you are interested in IT ... Believe me, number one meat while ... Naturally!

And now the great tip!

I end the discussion with my sweetheart FIRST. I told him that my friends waiting for me somewhere (or any reason, even your goldfish hungry) I'm reading that I had a good time with her, I thanked her, and I leave ... without asking
I turn and pretend to leave for good ... and then I turned and said to him:

"By the way, you are rather interesting as a girl, that must really continue our discussion around a small coffee ... you have an email address? "

Yes I said email address.

Unless it is an australopithecine or Zinjanthropus, she will say yes.

At this point, I reach for my notebook as a seducer, and asks him to write his address ...

And just when she is about to end, I ask:

"Oh look, also write your phone number to hand, with any luck, I might be calling you"

In the psychology of manipulation, it's called the principle of commitment. In fact, when a human being engaged in an action, it is very difficult to step back under social pressures.

It will be very difficult for her to refuse, she is already caught in the trap:)

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