Crazy Czech national identity card, how far can you go?

Crazy national identity card, the first pastafarian is born!

This is a true story and it happened this week in the Czech Republic!

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The Czech magazine iDnes published this morning a very special article about a Czech citizen who manage to get a brand new idea with a very uncommon picture.

The new Luke Novy's Czech ID card (Lukáš Nový in Czech) shows him with a pasta colander on his head.

Believe it or not, but this is 100% real. As you might know or not, it is possible to travel in all European Union with a simple ID Card, you only need a valid passport to travel outside of the union.

As it is an official document from the Czech government, Lukáš Nový will have to problem to flight from Prague or Brno's airport to visit Paris or London. The problem might be somehow to flight back home. French authorities as well as English authorities might not like this document even if it is an official one.

This clever guy took advantage of a gap in the law. On your ID Card you must not hide our face but you have the right to have a hat or to cover your head if it is for is religious reasons.

Lukáš is the first pastafarian!

Our funny guy declared that he was inspired by an Austrian citizen named Niko Alma who managed to do the same 2 years ago.

"It was enough to come to the Brno City Hall on Friday, half an hour before closing time and say that I'm wearing a colander on my head for religious reasons. The lady working at the Brno City Hall said that she can not examine whether the applicant's declaration was legitimate or not, so they had no official reason to refuse the photo he was presenting at the desk"

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