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How to seduce a woman?
Little reminder of fundamentals in the art of seduction
Published on March 5 2012, 14:03
Maritza Mendez
Some stunning pictures of Maritza Mendez
Published on February 14 2012, 20:21
How to approach a woman?
You meet beautiful women daily, then we are in the street, at work, in bars, clubs ...
Published on October 12 2008, 23:12
How to get the number of a woman?
When you stretch your laptop to the girl, and having finished typing its number, read the story aloud to check...
Published on November 19 2008, 11:32
Victoria secrets
Women love lingerie and seduce, but it is mostly men who profit in the end ...
Published on October 8 2008, 16:48
Online Striptease
Striptease performers and adult webcam performers are making a very large profit from the Internet
Published on September 9 2008, 18:48