Masterpiece swimming pools blended with skyline

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When it comes to swimming pools, some of designers really put some decent amount of effort to cancel all barriers. To some of those “brave” ones we probably own gratitude for “re-inventing” infinite pools that are visually blended with the horizon.

We are bringing you picture gallery of some 30 perfectly designed pools, ideal for this hot summer time. We feel that summer is the right time to present these beauties!

Infinity edge pool or as they are also known as: zero edge, horizon pools, disappearing edge or vanishing edge - a swimming pool which gives the feeling of connection between the horizon and the edge of the water in the pool.

Special type of pools like the one we are presenting to you is the one where the edge seems to merge with the ocean or the sky. It is usually the case when you have the pool on the edge of the cliff or in some similar location.

The history of vanishing edge pools says they were first invented in magnificent Versailles Palace in the early 1600s, so once more the world should to bow to the French sense for desing.

Nowadays, they mostly look amazing and surreal. However, to be as realistic as possible, you will find some pictures of few pools smaller in size.

If you are not among few of those lucky enough to enjoy in them at least take a look and enjoy the view!

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