Luxury watches magazine

Luxury watches magazine

The market of luxury goods is very dynamic, but what attract people the most are definitely the luxury watches

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The market of luxury goods is very dynamic, but what attract people the most are definitely the luxury watches and for a very good reason: Buying a high-end Swiss watch is like investing in gold!

When the word "fashion" is pronounced most of the people will associate it with "futility", "non-necessary" items. Well, it some cases it can be true, but not always and this is exactly what we want to speak about today.

Spending 2000 Euros on a coat that will last for 2, 5 or maybe 10 years in the best case is not an investment, we all agree on this. Buying a luxury sport car like a Porsche is neither an investment. You buy a dream that will make you happy for a certain amount of time. Buy an expensive car and 1 week later it will have already lost in value.

Rare are the objects that will remain at the same value, or even gain in value (The real-estate is one of this business where prices always go up).

30 years ago, the world of high-end timepieces was in a pretty bad situation. Big crisis for this industry, and it was a very hard time for most of the biggest manufacturers, except maybe for Rolex, Tag Heuer and a few other brands.

Today the situation is radically different and you can even get lost when looking to buy the watch of your life, an object you might keep at the safe and pass to your children, and maybe your grandchildren.

Luxury watches do not lost in value, at least for now. If you are clever and buy a good collector wristwatch, you can be sure that in 20 years, it will have the same value or even a higher value, depending on the market and of course on how this watch will face the time.

Some Rolex watches are now very rare and very expensive. There are many auctions on ebay that simply go crazy with high prices, just because some aficionados want to get a very specific timepiece, whatever the price is.

You can find many luxury watches magazine on the net, but there is one we like in particular: PresentWatch

You will find on this website many information, videos, brand's history, classifieds and a questions and answers section where you will easily find some help.

If you are looking for the biggest forum where to find tones of information about the world of watchmaking you can visit WatchuSeek which is the oldest and most complete forum available on the net.

You will find hundreds of websites in google, just search for it invest in something that will keep its value!

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