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Scareware: Better to be aware than being scared

Some software you should simply avoid to install

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Le terme SCAREWARE est utilisé pour les logiciels malveillants qui viennent vous faire croire que vous avez absolument besoin d'eux, alors que non...

Some software you should simply avoid to install

If you use a computer with IE, you've probably had to get rid of a scareware also known as Malware.

scareware It starts usually with a window "pop up" that opens for no reason.

A message appears, you are saved a condition to pay 25 Euros to download the quick fix!

Without knowing how or why, we just kindly inform you that your computer is infected and must act quickly, it is not life grand?


If you still believe in Santa Claus, you can install the software ...

But all this will cost you in the end, in addition to the bad impression of being a "pigeon".

In reality you have just installed a "trojan" and it is anything but a good thing.

"The scareware is actually a software looks legitimate but is designed to surreptitiously perform actions harmful to the user."

The scareware (malware) are the leading cause of scam on the Internet, then it is time it stopped.

The good news is that Microsoft and Security Council of Washington Internet decided (finally!) to act against scareware.

It will therefore soon be a "blacklist" software "pollutants"

Pour information, voici les premiers nom de la liste des "Scareware":
- Scan & Repair
- Antivirus 2009
- MalwareCore
- WinDefender
- XPDefender
- WinSpywareProtect
- Registry Cleaner XP

N'hésitez pas à ajouter des commentaires si vous connaissez d'autres Scareware ou Malware.

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