Zikmu by Philippe Starck

Zikmu by Philippe Starck

Wireless stereo speakers compatible iPhone and iPod

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Zikmu by Philippe Starck

Philippe Starck has created exclusively for Parrot speakers reflecting his genius and personality.

"The goal was not to make an ordinary speaker" says Philippe Starck.

Instead, we designed the air vibrate. There is also a tri-dimension of this vibration, that is to say you have a palpable air, air that is like a human presence, like a perfume.

This subject is thoroughly modern thanks all its technical parameters, but also because it is at least possible says Philippe Starck.

"It is just in its most extreme technique and the most formidable, for, with the minimum of material, give the maximum effect: that's the magic."

An ultra modern design while aerial curves, a glossy black and intense sound of a power and spectacular clarity. From the elegance of the minimum and a mature technology, the speakers Parrot by Philippe Starck are part of timelessness.

Find all the prestige of a Starck in your living room!
From Bluetooth to Wi-Fi, the Parrot speakers by Starck stand on the edge of new wireless technology.

Listen to the music stored on your PC by transferring them via Wi-Fi on the speakers. Post your playlist in style from your cell phone via Bluetooth.

The Parrot speakers by Starck have been designed to be compatible with your iPhone and the iPod range and latest generation iTouch.

Zikmu by Philippe Starck
By placing it on the docking station built into one of the columns, you can listen to your favorite music while recharging. Remotely control your speakers and your iPhone from your sofa using the intelligent remote control.

The speaker system by Starck Parrot is unusual for you to experience a haunting moment thanks to the incredible 360 ​​degree immersive sound it provides.

Whatever the size of your room and speaker placement, sound will adapt to the acoustics.

A power of 100W sound immerses you in a precision and clarity unmatched. In fine, the bass is hidden in the feet of the speakers for bass with a maximum depth.

Discover the NXT technology that revolutionizes the acoustic design: a flat membrane vibrates very small scale on its surface and provides excellent sound dispersion.

Your MP3 player to your PC via your Mac and iPhone, you never get tired of discovering the many uses of these exceptional speakers.


-Dock for iPod: immediate reading pieces + recharge your device (compatible with: iPhone, iPhone 3G, iTouch, iPod Touch, iPod Nano, iPod Classic)
-Streaming your music on your Mac via Bluetooth
-Streaming audio via Wi-Fi with Mac computers out
-Connector with (line) for all analog audio sources (TV, stereo ...)
Speakers-100W RMS with its immersive broadcast to 360 °
Diffusion-treble and midrange on a NXT panel located on top of speakers

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