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How to win at poker

Good advice for winning at Poker

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Good advice for winning at Poker

Poker and online poker

Poker is a gambling game that carries a great success right now. It's a simple game based on card combinations. There are ways and techniques to make money. The big advantage is that you play against human opponents, not against a machine.

With a little patience, psychology and discipline, you will certainly pocket euros. There are several types of poker but the most common on the Internet is undoubtedly the Texas Hold'em: The rules are simple and accessible to everyone.

But it is not because the rules are simple it's easy to win. Other variations of poker exist as Omaha, Omaha 8 / b, Stud, Stud 8 / b, Triple Draw, Pineapple ...

TEXAS HOLD'EM-classical

It is played with a classic game of 52 cards. To explain the different techniques and combinations of cards, we call the cards as follows:
A for Ace, K for king, Q for Queen, J for Jack, for 10 cards of 10, and so on for other cards. X for any value card less than 10 (eg a 9 of hearts or a 7 of spades). S and finally to mean that the cards must be of the same color.

Example: J-Xs is a valet and a lower value card 10 of the same color as the jack (jack of spades with a 4 of spades for example).

The donor or "dealer" (the player who deals the cards at the beginning of each turn) changes with each round of play: it's neighbor to the left of the player who was dealt cards in the previous round becomes the donor.

On part of TEXAS HOLD'EM-classical, the table usually includes 10 players. A round begins with the distribution of two cards to each player face down (only the player who has been given the cards can know the value): the pre-flop.

Follows a phase of the auction each player to enter the tower. The money is set aside: the pot.
Then follows a phase called the flop: The dealer lays 3 cards face up. These cards belong to everyone. We must therefore make combinations between the two hidden cards each player three cards with the findings.

Then the phase called the flop turn is similar to the difference that the donor must submit only one card on the table. It has four up cards on the table. Players are once again a round of betting.

And finally, the last round is called the river which is the same turn: that the donor makes a map open on the table and a round of betting takes place.

Players who deposited the same amount of money when all bids show their cards and whoever has the highest hand wins the round and earns money.

Obviously, each turn, a person may stop betting and withdraw from the tour if he considers that he has not needed to continue the game. S'L is only one person to play because other players will be removed from the tower, then that player wins money without showing his cards.
In case of tie, the pot is distributed equally among the remaining players in the game.

The auction of four phases occur in this way:
You can choose from four options

The fold: the player withdraws from the tower and threw in the towel because he believes he has too little chance to win the round.

The Bet: You bet the minimum to continue the party and the phases.
The Raise: You increase the bets because you have good cards (or you want to convince opponents that you have good cards). So, the other players wanting to stay in the game will be forced to save more money.

The Check: you stay in the game without putting money on the table (because you have made enough to stay in the tower)
During the four rounds of betting, there are four possible Auction raises (if a player makes more money than others, he asks the other player to get to his level)

Winning combinations in poker

The card combinations are only 5 cards (or with the two hole cards + 3 cards open or with one hole card and four up cards or with only 5 cards open)

Combinations in reverse order of value (the lower to the higher) are:
High Card (High Card or Kicker)
the highest card.

The pair (One pair)
2 cards of the same.

Two pair (Two pair)
2 sets of two cards of the same.

Three of a Kind (Three of a kind)
3 cards of the same.

Suite (Straight)
5 cards whose values ​​follow.

Color (Flush)
5 cards of the same color (five hearts for example).

Full (Full House)
3 cards of same value and two cards of the same (3 jacks and 2 five (valets to full by 5).

Square (Four of a kind)
4 cards of the same.

Flush (straight flush)
5 cards of the same color whose values ​​follow.

Royal Flush (Royal Straight Flush)
5 cards of the same suit in sequence whose values ​​and whose highest card is an Ace

Note: The colors are the same value (eg coueur in heart will be equivalent to a color in spades for the same value card)

The UDMA and techniques to make money at poker

Like all casino games, there are some ways to win at poker. They are all the more valuable you are playing not against a computer or roulette, but against humans.
It should, for that, to an appreciation of his game that only experience will succeed in determining S'L must continue to bet or throw the cards and wait for the next round.
Be patient, because the goal is not to win as many rounds as possible but rather to make money! Take the least possible risk. Feel free to throw your cards if you think you are in difficult situations even if you have good cards.

Consider an example:
Distrubution you cards A-2 A (2 As). Beautiful hand! However, if the flop (three cards face the start) is KKQ, then you better throw the cards. The reason is simple: one player has only a king and he will be in front of you (the chance that another ace comes on the turn or river is very low). Irritating to have to throw the cards when we have two aces, but he will have to learn to play to win money and not to make bang.

So rule of thumb: think of combinations you can do but think also (and especially) the various combinations that your advesraires can too. Attention mainly to the colors or the possible sequences with a card. If the risk is too great, Throw away your cards.
Another example, you have two cards of the same color (eg 10 spades and jack of spades). There is a picnic on the flop. Only 4% chance to make a color. So if you consider making a color, drop your cards.

You may also be to your advantage, but ultimately to turn everything can change and even if you bet money before, be humble and discard your cards. Example: you have Ace of Spades and Ace of diamonds and the flop is Ace of Treffle, jack of clubs and 6 of heart. So you're sure to be the only one with a set of Aces. But the turn comes the 9 of freffle. In this case, it may be very likely that your opponents might try to Treffle color. Analyze why also the behavior of your opponents, but beware of the bluff.

Tips from MensBreak:
Try these techniques for free poker at first, the sites we suggest you offer to play for free to familiarize yourself with the site (and also to play and you develop). However you can test the techniques that we offer on these sites. So you can enroll without deposit of money. Look closely, however, because many online casinos (100% secure for those whom we offer) offer many sign-up bonus (mainly poker!) That can play a lot of money for a deposit starting fairly low .

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