How to seduce a woman?

How to seduce a woman?

Little reminder of fundamentals in the art of seduction

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How to seduce a woman?
1 - Do not be afraid to approach a woman in the street
There are so many women in the street don't you think? It is as many chances to improve your behavior. Always be polite and elegant and keep in mind that the biggest risk you are taking if you behave good, is to end up having a nice and normal conversation.

We always forget the failures and keep in mind the good moments, you can always make a move, and you learn a lot about women doing so...

2 - Submit quickly to meet again
Propose it in a simple way, by using a simple question with no other choice for her than to say "yes":

- Look, I think you're very friendly, we could chat over a nice drink in a pub. Are you available on Friday or Saturday? Or if you prefer we might go for a lunch during the week, what do you think?

3 - After a good glass of wine or a nice meal, suggest her to meet again
During the conversation, try to speak about art, culture, entertainment and try to guess or find out the type of movie, music, theater, or museum she likes to see or to go to. Then you can separate, simply suggesting:

"Listen, I really want to go and see this film too, I already thought about going there one evening, we could go together Friday or Saturday? Let me invite you.

4 - Try to have a small physical contact
During the conversation, if you have the opportunity, try to have some small and elegant physical contact, which will constitute an important first move for the rest of the relationship you are building. In fact, physical contact is a "barrier falls" that lets both protagonist to get closer, and install some confidence.

If you can approach her, its a very good sign. Women do trust their feelings and they do care about feeling secured. Coming out with something funny for example is also a very good thing, it can also be a common excuse to touch her arm if you already managed to get a certain "complicity".

5 - Ask her questions, talk about her and listen to her
"A woman who can speak is a woman having a good time."

Ok this can sounds a bit "macho" but it is not, this is a simple matter of facts.

Take every sentence as a perch to bounce back and to deepen the subject by asking her to tell you more:
. She loves the cinema? What kind of movie or what is her favorite movie maker?
. She loves to dance? Where, what type of music?
. She is an accountant? Oups, its time to leave! (Only joking of course... ;)

In a few words, be interested and be interesting, care about her and she will care about you.

6 - Look into her eyes
The eyes reflect the soul. If you have a "dark" soul then get a new one, more shinny, before you get further :)

Looking and reading in her eyes is the key, eyes express everything, absolutely everything, just watch "Lie to me" and you will see, no secrets! ;)

If you do not look into her eyes, nothing will happen that is for sure. If you look carefully into her eyes, the relationship will become immediately more intimate and more charming. Most of the women admit that the expressions in the eyes is the most important.

7 - Smile naturally
Women are attracted by happy men and happy people in general, actually who is not... so don't be depressed or stay home until you get in a better mood!

Smile, you will attract the attention, like Voltaire used to say, "it is polite to be gay!" (Yes, it is polite to smile and be positive :)

She wants to know more now, because happiness attracts people, simple.

She will probably return a smile, win-win.

8 - Make her laugh
Like the smile, a shared laugh can put the woman you're trying to seduce on the rails of confidence. It installs the trust to have a good time with someone and to laugh. Remember that a woman chooses a man with whom she will have a good time, and with whom she will feel secured. That's life!

9 - Admit your weakness
A person who admits (at least) one of his weakness is necessarily a sincere person. Its like when you run a bicycle, the first bicycle pedal stroke is the most important if you want to go straight! ;)

And this is what women are looking for, going straight and feel the adrenaline. Women do not seek the perfect man, women seek a sincere man because its rare, and what is rare is priceless.

Women are not only attracted by money, they do compensate with materialistic things only because they don't get the attention they deserve for the deep love they can give you back. Be careful, because you will always end up paying the bills, so just be honest and sincere, the rest will follow.

You will then struggle to get up in the morning and see her, be with her, joking with her on many subjects, looking forward to seeing her on the evening to have a great time and a great diner, do what has to be done and the sun will shine.

10 - Never talk about your ex-girlfriends
She does not care, royally. What matters is the present moment. And now, you are with her having a real good quality time! Keep a part of yourself... for yourself, this will also avoid to have some painful discussion when it will comes to the storm.

Like my father says, "always have a life buoy when you go meet the ocean" ;)

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