Croatia: Island of Šolta and Martinis Marchi hotel

Island of Šolta and Martinis Marchi hotel in Croatia

Croatia: hidden jewel on the palm of your hand

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In a series of reports of the paradises waiting to be discovered, we write once more about Croatia, Mediterranean country with more than 1200 islands.

In this article, we will direct your attention to one of the not so touristy islands of Croatia – Šolta and it splendid hotel reserved exclusively for those who know what they are looking for.

Martinis Marchi Hotel & Restaurant, place of interesting history, located in a historic castle in Maslinica on the island of Šolta today represents one of the most luxurious places for holidays in Croatia.

In 1703, Venetian authorities grant the permission to the three Marchi brothers to build a small settlement above the Maslinica bay. Actually it was a permission to build a tower, village and a church. Pirate attacks at that time were making things extremely hard for the colonist but in spite of that, two years later, they succeeded to erect the castle together with the defence walls and towers.

After few centuries of the turbulent history, Martinis Marchi castle welcomes you into its recently renovated space where it seems you can still hear the echo of the past times.

Above the main entrance of the castle, just on the facade, there is a plaque with an inscription: written in Latin. The inscription commemorates the Marchi brothers as founders of the first village in the port:


which means:

To secure for the sailors
A safe port at Maslinica
Dukes and brothers
have built A temple to the faith, a water collector
For their own needs they’ve dug out a hill.
And populated the land
with settlers, At great expenses,
In AD 1708.

For many decades, the castle had been completely neglected and ruined. In the 1960s it was first restored and reopened as a restaurant and some time later as a hotel. Because of that last inadequate restoration, it completely lost its genuine interior arrangement and room design.

In 2002 we lived to see the castle being completely renovated under the strict supervision and instructions of conservationists and returned by the year 2004 in its genuine, well deserved splendour.

Croatia: Island of Šolta and Martinis Marchi hotel

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