Manhattan, NYC

Manhattan, NYC

The Heart of New York

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In this timelapse video, we are bringing you Manhattan, the very heart of the New York City.

It stands proudly at the mouth of Hudson river and represents the oldest of five boroughs of NYC: Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island.

It is one of the mostly densed populated urban areas of the world with an average of 27,394 inhabitants per km2.

Manhattan is also know as a financial capital of the world with estimated GDP of over 1.2 trilion USD. That number should not surprise you cause Manhattan is home of both New York Stock Exchange and NASDAQ. Also, there you will find the headquaters of many mayor US television, radio and telecomunication companies together with news, magazine, book, and other media publishers.

Here are just a few location not to be missed while in Manhattan: MacDougal Street, Guggenheim museum, Times square, Central park, Emipre state building, Chrysler building, "Ground Zero" on the place of destroyed WTC towers.....

Manhattan, NYC

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