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Wankband by Pornhub
Buy Wankband - The wearable tech that allows you to love the planet, by loving yourself...
Apartment of 6.2 square meters for sale in Paris
Buy an apartment in Paris for ONLY 76.000 euros
Bad luck at the lottery
Sometime you need to be a bit more lucky than what you think...
Discover Adrian T. Bell - REALIZE
Adrian T Bell, lead singer with the critically acclaimed, award winning Czech rock band The Prostitutes will release his debut solo album DIFFERENT WORLD in February 2014.
Unusual peephole in the bathroom of a bar
Enjoy this very special peephole in a very special place!
Boat party in Prague
If you plan to visit Prague during summer time, you have to enjoy the one of the best boat parties in Europe
Dogs Day - Ditty Rambik - Electro House
Slow motion video of DoGs Day by Ditty Rambik
Spherical panorama video
360 Spherical panorama video realized by Jonas Ginter
McLaren P1™ fast speed and acceleration
McLaren P1™ versus the Nürburgring-Nordschleife racing circuit
Formula 1: Technology Shocks
Downforce, downforce, downforce: the three most important things in an F1 car
Which casinos to visit when travelling in Europe
Europe is the birthplace of the casino and throughout the continent you will find casinos of all kinds
Video of a very well trained bear
Simply the most amazing video we have been publishing on MensBreak so far!
Amazing skateboarding video with Bob Burnquist
Bob Burnquist's "Dreamland" - A Backyard Progression
Crazy national identity card, the first pastafarian is born!
This is a true story and it happened this week in the Czech Republic!
Own a classic car for the ultimate in hobbies
There are some people who like to spend their weekends hitting a little golf ball around a patch of land, while others prefer to sit on a river bank and wait for a fish to come along...
Luxury watches magazine
The market of luxury goods is very dynamic, but what attract people the most are definitely the luxury watches
Visa Black Card
Black card the ultimate buying tool
PSY featuring HYUNA Gangnam Style
PSY and the sexy HYUNA in a remix of Gangnam Style
PSY Live in concert - Seoul
Some crazy video from PSY!
An amazing halftime by the OSUMB
The Ohio State University Marching Band


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